Our key relationships

As a company we do not operate in isolation: our ability to deliver value depends on the contribution and activities of a range of different stakeholders.

In the table below, we briefly outline those stakeholder groups who have a substantive impact on our ability to create value, outlining how they impact on value and identifying some of their primary interests relating to our business activities.

Government and regulators

Provide access to spectrum and operating licences, the basis for creating value.

Impose regulatory measures with potential cost implications.

Means of engagement
  • Proactive engagement with key stakeholders across governments on key topics.
  • Participation in consultations and public forums.
  • Submission and engagement on draft regulations and bills.
  • Engagement through industry consultative bodies.
  • Publication of policy engagement papers.
  • Partnering on key programmes in education, health and gender-based violence.
  • Hosting workshops across key stakeholders to improve understanding of the industry.
Priority interests
  • Ensuring spectrum is managed as a strategic resource, contributing to national broadband access and the digital economy, especially in underserviced and rural markets.
  • Establishing licence certainty in our operating environments.
  • Promoting opportunities for job creation and socioeconomic development (including transformation and localisation).
  • Protecting consumer interests on service quality, costs and privacy.
  • Regulatory compliance on issues such as mobile termination rates, price, security, safety, health and environmental performance.
  • Contribution to the tax base.

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Purchase our products and services, providing the basis for revenue growth.

Means of engagement
  • Call centres, retail outlets and online.
  • MyVodacom app, messaging and USSD channels.
  • Net promoter score (NPS) feedback interviews and focus groups.
  • Social media interaction.
  • Vodacom website.
Priority interests
  • Better value offerings.
  • Faster data networks and wider coverage.
  • Making it simpler and quicker to deal with us.
  • Converged solutions for business customers.
  • Managing the challenge of data-usage transparency.
  • Privacy of information.
  • Feedback on service-related issues.

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Investors and shareholders

Provide the financial capital needed to sustain and grow.

Means of engagement
  • Investor interactions, including roadshows, conferences and meetings.
  • Investor days.
  • Annual and interim reports.
  • SENS announcements.
  • Monthly and quarterly operational reviews with our parent company Vodafone.
  • Investor relations page on our website.
Priority interests
  • Strategy to ensure sustained financial performance of South African and International operations.
  • Responsible investment to ensure growth, and to manage the risks and opportunities in our markets.
  • Rationale for Safaricom acquisition.
  • Responsible allocation of capital.
  • Sound corporate governance practices.
  • Transparent executive remuneration.
  • Stable dividend policy.

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Their skills and involvement determine our ability to realise our vision of becoming a leading digital company that empowers a connected society.

Means of engagement
  • Internal website.
  • Newsletters, internal magazine and electronic communication.
  • Employee Consultative Council with senior leaders and employee representation.
  • Employee hotline.
  • Leadership roadshows.
Priority interests
  • Clear career paths and opportunities for career development.
  • More knowledge sharing across the Group.
  • Building the coaching capability of leaders.
  • Better understanding of reward structures.
  • Competitive remuneration.
  • Digital upskilling.
  • New ways of Agile working.

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Impact on our ability to cost-effectively provide products and services.

Means of engagement
  • Supplier forums.
  • Ongoing site visits.
  • Audits.
  • Business unit interaction.
  • Tenders and request for proposals.
Priority interests
  • Timely payment and fair terms, including quicker payment terms for qualifying smaller suppliers.
  • BEE compliance.
  • SMME/BEE supplier development.
  • Improving health and safety standard.
  • Partnering on environmental solutions.

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Add to the longer term viability of our markets by strengthening the socioeconomic context in which we operate.

Means of engagement
  • Public participation where new base stations are required.
  • Vodacom Foundation partnering with communities.
  • Open days at universities.
  • Investing and connecting computer centres in schools and teacher training centres.
Priority interests
  • Access to mobile voice and data services.
  • Access to basic services such as finance, health and education.
  • Free-to-use social media, education and job sites.
  • Investment in infrastructure.
  • Responsible expansion of infrastructure.

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Business partners

A key interface with our customers, they are custodians of our brand and reputation, and critical to ensuring effective delivery of our objective of delivering the best customer experience.

Means of engagement
  • Annual business partner conference.
  • Bi-annual franchise roadshows.
  • Quarterly franchisee council committee meetings.
  • One-on-one business meetings.
  • Training sessions on new products and services.
  • Store, franchise and retail visits.
Priority interests
  • Fair treatment.
  • Top management involvement with customers.
  • Making it simpler and quicker to deal with us.


Critical role in keeping stakeholders informed of business developments, new products and services and the impact of our business operations.

Means of engagement
  • Face-to-face and telephonic engagement.
  • Interviews with CEO and key executives.
  • Media releases and product-related publicity.
  • Roundtables.
  • Product launches.
Priority interests
  • Being informed of key activities and offerings.
  • Transparency.