What we do

We secure access to spectrum, invest in mobile and fixed telecommunications networks, develop and distribute tailored products and services, and run a strong customer care and brand programme, enabling us to ensure revenue growth and cash generation which is used to reinvest in the resources and relationships (click here) we rely on to do business. This virtuous circle of investment, revenue growth, cash conversion and reinvestment generates value across our stakeholder groups and regions of operation.

Our value chain activities
01 Spectrum, network and IT infrastructure

Most of our communication services depend on accessing spectrum, which we strive to secure at a competitive price though proactive engagement with government and regulators. Securing access to spectrum is a particular priority in South Africa. We are building on our substantial investment in network infrastructure and IT systems by expanding into fixed broadband assets, and investing in IT services relating to data centres, security, customer relationship capability, billing, mobile finance and online resources.

02 Procurement activities

We manage a significant supplier landscape with total procurement spend in 2016 of R30.4 billion. We leverage off the global purchasing power and responsible procurement practices of the Vodafone Procurement Company, enabling the purchase of responsibly manufactured network equipment and handsets on favourable terms. We balance the benefits of global purchasing with our commitment to promoting economic opportunities in our host countries and driving Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa.

03 Product and service development

To maintain revenue growth, ensure revenue diversity and drive market share, we constantly seek opportunities to develop new products, services and pricing models. We are driving a segmented customer approach to ensure that we cater for all customer needs. We strive to provide for customer concerns relating to privacy, and to mitigate the risk of data theft or loss. In developing our products and services, we recognise the importance of developing a company culture that fosters innovation and a ‘customer first’ attitude.

04 Sales, distribution and customer services

We use various distribution channels, including wholesale distributors, retailers, franchise stores, direct sales partners, street vendors and informal resellers. Through container shops and informal traders we provide important opportunities for entrepreneurial businesses. Recently, we transformed 80% of our branded stores from transactional to experiential models to deliver an enhanced customer experience. Our aftersales value chain of Vodacom repair centres and regional repair hubs has positioned us as market leaders in the aftersales community. We are increasingly using online channels (such as the Vodacom online portal and MyVodacom App) to further enhance customer support service efficiency.

05 Brand and reputation management

We communicate our service offerings and maintain our strong brand presence through our focused marketing and brand strategy. The iconic Vodacom brand is an important driver of purchasing decisions for consumers and enterprise customers. External reputation surveys show Vodacom is one of the most recognised and trusted brands across our footprint.