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Integrated report 2016   Consolidated annual financial
statements 2016
  Sustainability report 2016  
Download high-res integrated report (12 MB)   Download high-res annual financial statements (3.3 MB)   Download high-res sustainability report 2016 (1.4 MB)  
Download low-res integrated report (2.8 MB)   Download low-res annual financial statements (519 KB)   Download low-res sustainability report 2016 (980 KB)  

Additional reports

Additional reports

Please note that all the files are available for downloading in PDF format. Download the latest version of Acrobat Reader


Technology report [489KB]
Consolidated Value added statement [419KB]
Public finances report [676KB]
Corporate Environmental Policy [159KB]
Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Verification Certificate [271KB]
Certificate ISO 14001:2004 [194KB]
Code of governance principles [485KB]
Corporate governance statement [121KB]
KPI assurance report [435KB]
Sustainability report [962KB]
Regulatory report [536KB]
Interest in subsidiaries and joint ventures [443KB]

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